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Tech Tip: Applying a Final Draft Template

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the first draft of your screenplay and you’re ready to go out into the world with hopes of turning it into a visionary cinematic experience. But wait! You just realized the story would work better as a stage play - you don’t want...

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The Six Degrees of Collaboration

Film is commonly called a collaborative medium and with good reason. Unless you’re a world-renowned writer-director (an “auteur,” as the French would say), you’re going to have people helping you shape your script at many stages. Below are six scenarios — six degrees...

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Spec Spotlight: Aaron W. Sala Talks The Beast

When Northern California native Aaron W. Sala submitted his horror-thriller script to the 2017 Launch Pad Screenwriting Competition, he was hoping for some unbiased professional notes. What he got after becoming a finalist was representation and the interest of...

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What's New in
Final Draft 10?

Write in real-time with a writing partner

Story Map™
Outline acts, scenes, and sequences

Beat Board™
Plan your script beat-by-beat

Alternate Dialogue
Store multiple lines of dialogue in the same script

Used by 95% of film and television productions.

Used by 95% of file and television productions