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Tech Tips: Alternate Dialogue

You’re not sure whether the most hilarious comeback line to use is “So’s your mother!” or “I know you are but what am I?” You think the kid should say “I want my two dollars” but your writing partner believes “You owe me two dollars” is far better. You can’t decide if...

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Using Your Influences

When trying to develop your voice as a screenwriter and perfect your craft, don’t be afraid to use your influences. One shouldn’t attempt to write a script without reading a few screenplays first. Thanks to the Internet, this isn’t a particularly hard task; most...

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Live Reads Benefit Screenwriters

It’s not a pivotal scene. Just a bit of comic relief in an otherwise appropriately grim zombie movie set in the Middle Ages. “AAAAaaahhh. You wound me,” a knight says after being struck with a boy’s wooden sword. “Mortally so. I’ve been bested by moppets.” The actor...

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