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Tech Tips: Beat Board vs Index Cards

Tech Tips: Beat Board vs Index Cards

We get this question quite a bit: When should a writer use the Beat Board and when should he or she use the Index Cards? The Beat Board is designed as a pre-writing tool, one that allows the user to lay out parts of the story at any magnification – that is, each Beat...

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Tech Tips: Go To

In this crazy, hectic, fast-paced world of ours, shouldn’t we remember to maybe go a little slower sometimes, not get there quite so fast, enjoy the journey a bit more, take the time to stop and smell something or another? no! Not when you’re writing a script and it’s...

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Color My World

If your eyes are starting to bleed because you’ve been staring at a stark white screen covered with little black letters all night, you pretty much have two options. The first, and your mother/spouse/roommate will agree, is go to bed already, for Pete’s sake! What’s...

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Story Map™
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Used by 95% of film and television productions.

Used by 95% of file and television productions