Quick Start Guide FD 12

Final Draft 12 gives you powerful outlining, story structure, collaboration and editing tools in a friendly user interface that makes writing your screenplay effortless.

This Quick Start video tutorial is for writers new to screenwriting software. If you are already familiar with Final Draft, visit the menu on the left to learn more about how to use the innovative tools in Final Draft 12.

What’s New in FD 12

Final Draft 12 features powerful new tools including PDF Import, Beat Board™ Collaboration, Outline Elements and Outline Editor™, Track Changes, Focus Mode, and more

Outline Elements

Send your outline to script and see it on the page for easy reference with Outline Elements, which allows you to show and hide the outline as needed during your writing process.

Outline Editor

The Outline Editor gives you a bird’s eye view of your screenplay structure, and multiple customizable lanes for high-level outlining.

Track Changes

The Track Changes tool allows you to keep a records of edits to your script and choose whether to accept or reject them, giving you even greater control over the editing process.

Beat Board

Planning out your story? The Beat Board gives you limitless space to organize your ideas in a customizable, visual way. Plan set pieces, store character research, and much more.

Flow Lines in the Beat Board

Final Draft 12 features Flow Lines that allow you to highlight beats and create connections between them, creating a Story Flow for advanced screenplay outlining.


Want to make notes on your script? ScriptNotes allows you to create, open and edit notes on your screenplay in a popover window and visually customize them however you want.


Working with another writer or a team of writers? Collaboration gives you the power to work on your script and Beat Board in real time remotely with your writing partners.

PDF Import

Do you have a screenplay you want to work on but you only have a PDF? No problem! Learn how to import a PDF into Final Draft 12 and convert it into a fully editable Final Draft file.

Focus Mode

Customize your writing environment, eliminate distractions and get down to business with the new Focus Mode.

1-2-3 Workflow

Final Draft 12 makes planning your story as easy as one, two, three. Learn how to use the Beat Board and Outline Editor to structure your story in three simple steps.