What is the Big Break® Screenwriting Contest?

The Big Break Screenwriting Contest offers film and TV writers in 11 genres the chance to win up to $80,000 in cash and prizes. Grand prize winners also get flown to Los Angeles to meet with managers, producers and executives.


The 2018 Big Break Regular Deadline is June 18!

Submit your script now and save up to $15!

The 2018 Big Break Regular Deadline is June 18!

Submit your script now and save up to $15!

2017 Grand Prize Award Winners

Hana Callaghan & Chad Callaghan

2017 TV Grand Prize Winner for Portia's Law

We're completely floored by how well Final Draft takes care of its winners. There's no other competition quite like it - the industry exposure, the learning opportunities, and the personal time and attention paid to advancing our careers, not to mention the rockstar treatment at the Final Draft Awards. They really pull out all the stops to set their writers up for success. Our jaw muscles are sore from smiling!

Greta Heinemann

2017 Feature Grand Prize Winner for City Under Fire

Winning Final Draft Big Break has been an insanely humbling and at the same time empowering experience. Not only did the award show put me in front of a room filled with brilliant (and intimidating) writers, the competition and organizers also did a tremendous job introducing me to mentors, reps and industry insiders. It was a career changer and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

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