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Marc Madnick, co-founder and CEO of Final Draft, Inc., moved to Los Angeles in 1986 to follow his dream of being a screenwriter. Like many aspiring and professional screenwriters of the time, he found the process of writing a script trying and time-consuming.  The problem was not a lack of ideas, but rather the lack of any word-processor capable of automatically formatting a script to Hollywood’s stringent standards. This experience led Madnick and former partner Ben Cahan to the creation of Final Draft, a fully dedicated screenwriting software application that automatically formats your script to Hollywood’s industry standards.  

A very strategic marketer, Madnick knew that if he could convince Hollywood’s heaviest hitters (Tom Hanks, Oliver Stone, and Lawrence Kasdan, to name a few) that Final Draft software will save them time and money, he’d have a chance at success. Just five years after its inception and Madnick’s aggressive marketing campaign, Final Draft screenwriting software had become the entertainment industry standard for screenwriting and the market leader among its competitors worldwide. With the company now in its 24th year and the ninth version of the software, Final Draft, the application and its brand, continues to grow in popularity and into new markets throughout the world. In 2013, Final Draft was awarded the prestigious Primetime Emmy Engineering Award. 
In 1999, Final Draft, Inc. launched its Big Break Contest as a way to help aspiring screenwriters reach success. Today, the contest continues to flourish and is recognized as one of the most prestigious contests of its kind. 

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Our Team

Final Draft, Inc. employs over 40 people and hosts offices on both coasts, with the corporate headquarters in Calabasas, CA.
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Final Draft, Inc. is proud to provide all of our employees the opportunity to learn and grow to meet his or her career aspirations.
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Final Draft Awards

The Final Draft Awards are held annually at Paramount Studios, Hollywood.
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Hear what industry professionals such as J.J. Abrams, Tom Hanks, James Cameron, and more have to say about Final Draft.
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