Terms of Service

The terms that apply when you use the Final Draft, A Cast & Crew Entertainment Company website and any of our other services.

Returns and Refunds

Describes terms and conditions for return of software and refunds for paid technical support.

U.S. Reseller Agreement

Describes the U.S. Reseller Agreement

International Reseller Agreement

Describes the International Reseller Agreement

Online Privacy Policy

Describes the legal obligations of Final Draft to viewers of the Final Draft website

Software Piracy

Describes forms of illegal distribution of Final Draft software

Permissions and Trademarks

Describes the terms of lawful third-party use of Final Draft artwork and graphics

End User License Agreements

End User License Agreement describes the terms of lawful use of Final Draft software

Enterprise License

Describes the Final Draft Enterprise License Agreement

Technical Support Policy

Describes the Final Draft Technical Support Policy

File Requests

Describes privacy policy for file requests for technical support purposes.

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