End User License Agreement

Last updated April 14, 2016.

This License contains the additional terms that apply to all software (the “Client Software”) published by Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC (“Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC”, “we” or “us”) except for any software or apps you download through an interface that includes a different end user license agreement (e.g., the Mac App Store, the iTunes App Store). If you do not agree with License and the Overall Terms of Service at (“Terms”), you cannot use the Client Software.

Our right to change License is described in the Terms.


You may use the Client Software strictly in accord with License and the Terms. We reserve the right to update the Client Software from our systems. Once installed, you may make one copy of the installer files of the Client Software solely for backup purposes. You must not delete the copyright notices on the backup copy. Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited license to download, install and use the Client Software on your computer and other devices, in accordance to the type of license you have purchased or obtained. Except for the rights explicitly granted in License, Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC retains all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property rights) in the Client Software and user documentation, including the copies of the Client Software on your devices. Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC may use third-party software that is subject to open source and/or third-party license terms. You are subject to those terms. The license you have purchased is indicated on the software box or on your order form, invoice or similar document. Different licenses have different restrictions on the number of permitted simultaneous users and the number of computers the Client Software may be loaded onto. User documentation will be available on the website.
The types of licenses are:

Single-User License
Single-User Licenses cover three different modes of the Client Software.

(1) Activated Mode gives you access to full functionality of the Client Software as described in the user documentation. In Activated Mode, you may load the Client Software on two computers or other devices that you own and use, but you are only permitted to use the Client Software on one computer at a time. For example, you are not allowed to load a single copy of the Client Software on one computer that you own and on another computer that is owned by (or that you lend to) a friend or writing partner. In this situation, your friend or writing partner must purchase a license to another copy of the Client Software.
(2) Trial Mode gives you access to the same functionality as Activated Mode, except you will not have any exporting functionality (e.g., you cannot convert your content to PDF or print it). Trial Mode also limits your access to the time period specified when you activate your trial. After the expiration of the Trial Mode period, your license will be converted to Unactivated Mode.
(3) In Unactivated Mode, functionality is limited solely to opening and reading Final Draft files.

We may make Client Software available under other license terms in the future. For example, we may offer special arrangements for students and educational facilities and we may offer the ability to license the Client Software through a subscription model. In such events, the terms of such licenses will be described on our website.

Multi-User License
A Multi-User License covers a specified number of seats that are allocated to specific users by an end user administrator. The number of computers on which you may activate the Client Software must not exceed the number of activation tokens you have been provided and have licensed the right to use. This number will be indicated on your order form, invoice or similar document. You must ensure that no use is made of the Client Software in violation of these limits.

Concurrent License
A Concurrent License is a license to use the Client Software based on the number of users who may install the Client Software onto the devices on a single local area network under your ownership or control, but that limits concurrent use of the Client Software on more than the number of devices specified on your order form, invoice or similar document. You must ensure that no use is made of the Client Software in violation of these limits.


You are solely responsible for maintaining appropriate security measures, including using additional encryption technology to protect your content from unauthorized access and disclosure, and for keeping backup copies of all content. Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC has no responsibility or liability for deletion, corruption or other damage to or loss of content.


Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC regards software piracy as the crime it is, and will use all legal means to eliminate piracy of the Client Software. Please refer to Software Piracy [‪http://www.finaldraft.com/company/legal/software-piracy] and our Privacy Policy [‪http://www.finaldraft.com/company/legal/online-privacy-policy], which are incorporated into and part of this License, for more information on our policy on software piracy.