Message from the President

Shelly Mellot

Since its inception over 25 years ago, Final Draft has been the first choice of both professional and aspiring screenwriters worldwide.

Used by over 95% of film and television productions, Final Draft is part of the very fabric of the entertainment industry – a tool Hollywood uses and relies upon every day to make the movies and TV shows we know and love.

But Final Draft is more than just software. As the needs of the entertainment industry have evolved, we have strived to evolve with them. Now, more than ever, the world needs stories. Stories unite us and teach us about each other. Stories tell us who we are.

Final Draft is committed to giving writers the tools they need to tell their stories. Our exclusive and free educational resources include interviews with the pros, tech tips, how-to articles, and other inspirational material to help the writer on their journey. Regular events keep screenwriters up to date on changing industry trends. Our customer support team ensures writers have constant access to us to voice their needs and concerns, and we are here to listen to them.

Final Draft is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Stories need to come from everywhere and everyone, and we want to make sure we play our part in ensuring this happens. Every year our Big Break Screenwriting Contest unearths the best new screenwriting talent the world has to offer. Through our Diversity categories we ensure that BIPOC writers come to the attention of industry professionals. As the needs of the BIPOC screenwriting community grow and change, we will be there to meet them.

Finally, in our efforts to grow green, Final Draft has implemented a number of environmentally friendly systems across both our software and our customer service. The Collaboration feature in Final Draft means no more passing physical pages back and forth between writers. The Beat Board™ means no more paper Index Cards stuck to walls. The Big Break Screenwriting Contest now only accepts electronic payments, eliminating paper checks from the equation. These are systems we will continue to improve and expand upon.

As we move forward into the future, Final Draft will continue to face the challenges of the industry head on, and ensure we are with writers every step of the way on their screenwriting journey. I look forward to hearing from writers at every stage of their careers and learning how we can better serve them, so they can focus on what they do best – telling their stories to the world.


Shelly Mellott,