Previous Winners – Archived

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2006 Winners

  • First Place: Robert Frisbee for Cityfall
  • Second Place: Nicholas Horwood for Knight Knight
  • Third Place: Tony Urgo for The Wizard Joe

2006 Winners

  • First Place: Tom Cosgrove for The Sea Devils
  • Second Place: Yehudi Mercado for Buffalo Speedway
  • Third Place: Stinson Carter for Ananias

2005 Winners

  • First Place: Julia Van Develder for The Escape Artist
  • Second Place: Craig Tiede for Zoo Day
  • Third Place: Jon Gilbert for The Sculptress and The Thief

2004 Winners

  • First Place: Rylend Grant for Drive
  • Second Place: Kate Miles for Twenty Questions
  • Third Place: George R. Olson for Headspook

2003 Winners

  • First Place: D.J. Richardson for Do Not Remove
  • Second Place: Bob Bridges for Holliday’s Girl
  • Third Place: Sam Nam for The Straight and Narrow
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