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Tech Tip: Highlight Characters

Tech Tip: Highlight Characters

A handy and lesser-known tool in Final Draft is Highlight Characters. The Highlight Characters tool is used to color-code individual characters and their dialogue, making table reads and scheduling and prepping for performances a breeze. You can also use highlight...

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Spec Spotlight: Jacob Chase’s “Infinite”

Jacob Chase’s spec, Infinite, was a long time coming. Inspired from his own life events and love of epic adventure movies, he outlined the script and was ready to write it when he sold a TV series, Harmony, to ABC. Needless to say, that overtook his life and put...

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Final Draft 10?

Write in real-time with a writing partner

Story Map™
Outline acts, scenes, and sequences

Beat Board™
Plan your script beat-by-beat

Alternate Dialogue
Store multiple lines of dialogue in the same script

Used by 95% of film and television productions.

Used by 95% of file and television productions