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Tech Tips: Go To

In this crazy, hectic, fast-paced world of ours, shouldn’t we remember to maybe go a little slower sometimes, not get there quite so fast, enjoy the journey a bit more, take the time to stop and smell something or another? no! Not when you’re writing a script and it’s...

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Color My World

If your eyes are starting to bleed because you’ve been staring at a stark white screen covered with little black letters all night, you pretty much have two options. The first, and your mother/spouse/roommate will agree, is go to bed already, for Pete’s sake! What’s...

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So You Want To Write A Biopic?

Biopics are hotter than ever in the spec market. One of the reasons for this is because as studios and production companies become increasingly focused on established IPs (Intellectual Properties), any name recognition associated with your script is desirable. In...

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